I'm Scott O'Toole.

I build websites and apps.

Atlanta, GA, USA.



Hey there.

I like to do what's best for the project. I'm a fan of mobile-first, test-driven development.

My toolbox:
Front-end: ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Form, JQuery, CSS, HTML, styled-components, Gatsby, Netlify, Chrome DevTools
Back-end: Node, Express, MongoDB, Heroku
Testing: Mocha, Chai, Enzyme, Jest
Version Control: Git and GithubI am currently taking on new projects. Get in touch via my email.
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screenshot of piqnic app
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Google Maps API + OpenWeather API + a dash of jQuery = piqnic. Hungry yet?


screenshot of Haiku app
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I tried to count syllables of English words with the Words API. Turns out it's almost possible.


screenshot of leev app
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This app began as a conversation between myself and an overworked personnel manager. Use the demo login to preview the app.


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